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Juggling Enhances Connections In The Brain

ScienceDaily (2009-10-17) -- Learning to juggle leads to changes in the white matter of the brain, a new study has shown. ‘We tend to think of the brain as being static, or even beginning to degenerate, once we reach adulthood,’ says the researcher who led the work. ‘In fact we find the structure of the brain is ripe for change. We’ve shown that it is possible for the brain to condition its own wiring system to operate more efficiently.’
Some years ago I learned about scarf juggling at the Humor and Creativity Conference. 150 of us juggling scarves at a keynote session. It was a wonderful sight. Interested? Start easy with this introductory activity... Scarf juggling will get your class up, moving, and laughing.Or start by watching this demo by Adria M. Moskowitz at ehow.com

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