I use this blog to reflect and distill my thinking about simulations and games for learning. I look for ready to use resources to quickly create active learning experiences that engage and inform. I also share, news, ideas, and just for fun.


Ready to Wear Simulations

Here are a couple of ready to use simulation resources. These come out of operations research but have implications for many domains as they are based in systems thinking.

  • The Distribution GameThe Distribution Game is a freeware computer-based simulation game of a two level distribution system. The player controls shipments from a supplier and from a central warehouse. Student reviews have been enthusiastic. The animation of the trucks is a crowd-pleaser. The game is designed to be run in about 2 hours. By Peter L. Jackson, John A. Muckstadt School of Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, Cornell University
  • Experiential Learning Activities for Operations ManagementThis page describes the experiential learning activities and games Ron Wright and Salwa Ammar use while teaching production and operations management at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY

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